Shape Fold -

Shape Fold

Get ready to exercise your brain and dive into the captivating world of Shape Fold. This addictive online game will put your spatial reasoning and puzzle-solving skills to the test!

Objective: Your mission is to manipulate various geometric shapes to perfectly fit them into outlined patterns. Each level presents a unique shape and a limited number of moves, so think carefully before you make your moves!

How to Play:

1. Study the Shape: Take a good look at the shape you need to recreate. Analyze the angles, sides, and empty spaces to devise a strategy.

2. Manipulate the Shape: Click and drag the shape's individual parts to rotate and flip them. Combine these movements to find the right orientation.

3. Fit the Outline: Your goal is to fit all the parts within the outlined pattern. Pay attention to how the shapes interact and utilize the limited moves wisely.

4. Undo and Retry: Made a mistake? No worries! Use the "Undo" button to revert to your previous move and give it another shot.

5. Advance through Levels: As you conquer each level, the puzzles will become more intricate and challenging. Get ready to encounter a variety of shapes and patterns!

Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast or simply seeking a mental workout, Shape Fold offers an engaging and satisfying experience. Sharpen your spatial skills and conquer every level - it's time to fold your way to victory!

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